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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is required to have Accident Prevention Program (APP). You must establish, supervise and enforce an APP that is effective in practice.  This is considered your total safety and health plan for your business.  If you were to get a compliance visit, the APP is one of the documents you would be asked to provide.  Lack of an APP is consistently at the top of the annual list of citations. Learn more by visiting the Washington State Code page at WAC 296-800-140.

NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System.  This is a business type code that all business have assigned to them.  It is not your UBI or EIN/TIN.  In Washington State, the Department of Revenue (DoR) has your NAICS number.  You can log in to your DoR account and see the number and description in the Excise Tax and Reseller Permit Status area. An example is: 453998 - All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers.

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a review of tasks that your employees perform.  You must look for and identify hazards or potential hazards in your workplace and determine if Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary for the task. PPE should be used after all other reasonable means of reducing hazards have been carried out. You should first take steps to get rid of all identified hazards by considering other ways to get the job done, reduce hazardous materials or processes, and apply engineering controls to reduce or eliminate hazards. View the Washington State Code here at  WAC 296-800-160.   JHA Worksheet can be found here.

In order to reset your password please navigate to the password reset page here.

You can print your APP in two ways. Upon completion of all your assessments on Step 4 "Review and Submit" click on the "Print Assessment" button. You may also click on the print button from the dashboard which takes you to the same place with the "print assessment" button.

Accident Prevention Program are various in number of pages depending on your business type and the hazards that employees are exposed to.   

Yes! eAPP will allow you to pickup where you left off by logging back in.  Items completed will show as checked off.  The progress bar will also show you where to continue. 

When you register for a new eAPP user account you are subscribed to our email list automatically. If you previously unsubscribed or opted out from notifications you can sign up again for updates here.

We have provided most Washington Retail business NAICS codes, but if you are not able to locate your correct business type, please contact us.

For creating this eAPP you need to use your primary business operation NAICS.  We don’t often see businesses with multiple NAICS and evaluating the need to add that feature.

We've created a library of editable Word documents of some of the common documentation that is included in your eAPP. Use these files to customize and tailor programs, safety, and other useful information to your specific business needs.

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